a month ago
Daniel is a gentleman and a scholar, he worked out a perfect deal for the both of us making this one of the most pleasant transactions I’ve ever done. When he worked with us, he made sure we were getting the perfect one on one experience. While making us feel like family talking about our concerns. He made sure we were feeling well and secure with every transaction and meeting. Looking forwards to doing much more business with him! Thank you Daniel?
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Dear Donald,

I thank you for your review..
I treat people fairly and play no games, as I am considered among the top Estate diamond buyers in Florida..

Daniel Montesi
GIA Diamonds


At Orlando Estate Buyer, we advertise that we pay top dollar for the items we desire most: diamonds and coins mostly. We also love to buy gold and silver of any kind. If you think you have something of value, don’t wait to bring it here to find that out! Do a little research on your item before you come in. Tell us why your item is valuable and justify the amount you want. Doing a little research may help you get an idea of what you should ask for your item, or may increase what you think it is worth.

If you got an item for free, and don’t know anything about it, chances are it doensn’t have a lot of value to it. It is very rare for someone to stumble upon a $100 coin in their garage or an old box or on the sidewalk. Commonly, if a person has something rare or of high value, they have information on this item, documents proving its rarity or worth even. SELL JEWELRY NEAR ME ORLANDO. 407-831-8544

We serve the entire Orlando area, and people from other states visit us when they come to Central Florida. If we have what we want, we will beat your local shops price. However, if you are traveling from Metro West to sell what you think are diamonds, or live in Lake Mary and want to stroll down to Winter Park to sell a bag of coins, be prepared to know what you have and what you want! It may save you a trip. Our website is designed to tell you exactly what we purchase, please take a look prior carefully and even call if you are not sure before you take the drive! We want your experience to be as efficient as possible.