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Daniel Montesi

Daniel Montesi  is a graduate  GIA Diamond grader, specializing in large diamonds, precious metals, and Rolex watches. His courteous approach is geared for high-dollar transactions, utilizing over 15 years of Estate Level experience!   Years ago, Daniel  formed the Orlando Estate Buyer to serve his hometown of Winter Park, paying the very most for fine quality items.

Come in for a no cost assessment and the highest payout for your Estate items. Daniel is accessible, professional and ready to help you meet your  goals.

3 weeks ago
10 years ago I bought bullion from various places (flea markets, coin stores, online, etc), but I never considered what would be like to sell the collection; a process that would require walking around with thousands of dollars in coins on myself! Daniel made the process simple and his location was in a safe place in Winter Park. He also showed me some of the interesting tools he uses inhus trade. I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again except I don’t really have much left to sell!
Response from the ownera week ago
Dear Stephen,
I truly appreciate the outstanding review! It is my goal to serve sophisticated, educated clientele such as yourself. …More
Amanda Murray

a month ago
Thank you Daniel for a second time meeting with me again. I decided to go back to sell my diamond. He had already give me a quote on my first visit. I was not ready to part with yet. I trust he would give me the price quoted and he did.
I usually sell jewelry in New York having lived there 20 years. I knew when he was associated with New York by having offices in the famous Diamond district he was very credible. I also would be getting the most for my money with him.
He makes you feel very comfortable when selling jewelry that it is more of a relationship than transaction.
I am leaving back to New York I had told him. I have more jewelry in New York to sell. I would consider to fly into Orlando and drive to Miami just to sell it with him.
Daniel said he would even to come meet me in Miami which is the best service you could offer! The VIP treatment is what Daniel offers! I am lucky to have found such a 5 star jewelry buyer!! Thanks again Daniel it is always my pleasure to sell to you. I would recommend anyone to him. If looking to get a nice experience and the most worth for what your selling.
Response from the ownera month ago
Dear Amanda,
Thank you for taking the time and thoughtfulness to leave such a wonderful review! Rarely do I have the chance to do business with a Manhattan resident right here in Orlando! The fact that you could have gone to the diamond district, but chose to come to beautiful Park Avenue and see me is most flattering!
Clients like you make the world a better place for me!

Daniel Montesi
GIA Diamonds

Danny Hilwa

3 months ago
Daniel is Amazing, if you are looking for fair and honest valuation of jewelry or bullion this is the place to go. Comfortable luxury and safe environment, trust me this is your guy. He also sells excellent quality diamonds and specializes in Rolex timepieces
Response from the owner3 months ago
Dear Danny,

Serving upscale clients like you, is my specialty.
I am fortunate to be considered among the top Estate Buyers in Florida. Thanks to people like you!

Daniel Montesi
GIA Diamonds

amanda nicole murray

a month ago
Daniel the owner was a pleasure to deal with to sell my jewelry. I would recommend him to anyone. I will only sell with him in the future. The experience was very professional.
Response from the ownera month ago
Dear Amanda,
Your feedback means much to me! It has been a pleasure serving you and your family, as your confidence is invaluable. My specialty is the high dollar deal here …More
Renee DeAngelis

3 months ago
I was selling a diamond and I am so glad I chose to go see Daniel. He has great reviews and they are all true. He was incredibly knowledgable, professional and honest. I highly recommend him. I felt as I left his office with a new friend – he is a great person too.

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Michael Locascio

Mike specializes in Orlando Estate Buyer marketing. Mike also assists our clients in the buying process, and is an invaluable asset to Orlando Estate Buyer! Mike works diligently to know our private dealer’s needs to convey them to the public looking to sell their high quality items at top dollar!

Susan Montesi

Susan is our director of marketing and public relations, with 20 plus years of experience! Susan is a top quality professional that has been sought after by many companies for her expertise, thus a priceless addition to Orlando Estate Buyer!


Veronica Santiago

Bringing 10 years of upscale client service, Veronica oversees our client communication division.