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Diamond Buyer Orlando.

We have seen a fantastic week at Orlando since our last blog! Lots of heavy hitters this week! We’ve had clients from Orlando sell a two and a half carat diamond, and silver and gold bullion! We’ve given thousands of dollars to Orlando sellers! Fern Park sells flatware and gold jewelry; Longwood sells two

Diamond Buyer Orlando

Rolex watches for four thousand dollars!! A client from Geneva sold us a FIVE CARAT DIAMOND! WOW!! Two clients from Mt. Dora brought in a good amount; one Mt. Dora client sells silver and lots of gold to us, and the other Mt. Dora client sold us a diamond for two thousand dollars, several other diamonds, a bag of coins and a heavy amount of gold. He left SIX THOUSAND happier! Our biggest client yet came from Maitland, selling over 70,000 dimes old dimes, 680 silver eagles, and more!! He racked up over FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS that we paid to him!! We had to close up shop for that deal! The point is, Central Florida, we thank you for all of your business, and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see more business like this! These are beautiful examples that Orlando Estate Buyer WILL PAY TOP DOLLAR FOR HIGH QUALITY ITEMS! It doesn’t matter where in Florida you live, please come see us with more items like this, we will take care of you!