Sell Coins Orlando


There aren’t many places to sell coins in Winter Park. We buy any coins with silver and gold in them. If a coin is not rare and was used for spending, we buy it for the metal content, not because it is a coin. In the grand scheme of things, a coin that is 100 years old is not necessarily old, and does not mean it is rare. In the eyes of a time line, a coin from the 1800s is still very young while the world is millions of years old! Coins that we purchase for rarity or numismatic value (numismatic here meaning the monetary value of the coin from a collector’s perspective) would be much older by hundreds of years, or not many of them were made, or the coin was never circulated and also has a mint or proof paperwork. A coin with paperwork and proof of mint raise its value significantly and increase our offer on the coin. If you feel you have a coin that is rare and worth a good amount, send it off to have the coin appraised to sell it for more!