We Buy Diamonds

 We are the “Premier Diamond Jewelry Buyer” in Orlando.

Diamond Jewelry Buyer Orlando.Why is it important to bring your fine jewelry to the Premier Diamond Jewelry Buyer in Orlando? We pay up to $500,000 for large diamonds in Florida based on color, cut, clarity, and weight of your diamond. We pay top dollar for round diamonds that are one carat or more.”Sell diamonds in Orlando” is a most common search term at Orlando Estate Buyer in Winter Park. Daniel Montesi and staff are here to serve your diamond and fine jewelry selling needs in Orlando Florida.

While other jewelers may want to sell you more jewelry, most of them are not able to buy your diamonds. We have a simple process to determine the actual value of your Diamond within minutes. Contact us today to get the best offer on your Diamond Jewelry. Appraisals add value, especially a GIA appraisal or one using the GIA standard.

Diamond Jewelry Buyer Orlando